thinBasic 1.9

thinBasic is an interpreted modular programming language (See all)

BASIC is maybe one of the oldest programming languages, it has become very popular because it's easy to learn and very powerful at the same time. And now we have a new variant called thinBasic. This is a high level language interpreter that is totally free and has inherited the simplicity of BASIC.

Once this programming language is installed on your PC, you will be able to execute the examples included by just double clicking on them. Besides, you can edit these examples thanks to the built-in code editor called "Thin Air". In this simple yet powerful tabbed editor you can write your own code, open as many files as you want, and debug all your code to look for errors.

In addition, another great feature of this scripting language, is that you can create stand-alone programs easily thanks to the bundle builder included. Functions, subroutines and other code lines are easily editable, and they can be viewed in a convenient way through a routines browser.

thinBasic is compatible with many dynamic libraries (DLLs) from other programming languages, and it has an active online community that can help you if you have any problem.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Free
  • Easy to learn
  • Helps to create stand-alone programs easily


  • It's not easy to design forms
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